The practice population consists of 14% 0-16 year olds, 7% 17-24 year olds,

39% 25-59 year olds and 40% of 60+.  


Despite our best efforts our proportion of members of the PPG was as follows:


60+ = 89%

25-59 =11%

Under 25 = 0%


In October and November 2013 the practice continued to engage patients to sign up to the PPG. Posters and sign up forms were available at the health centre in reception and the waiting room. Details and an online form were also made available on the practice website.


We continued to try and recruit patients at our two large annual flu clinics held at the health centre and the local village hall. Members of staff spoke to patients to explain the format of a PPG and encourage patients to join.


We were successful in recruiting 6 new members to join the patient representative group set up previously.


To attract a more diverse section of the practice population we actively tried recruiting at the ante-natal clinics held at the health centre and the health visitor’s clinics.


Questionnaires were sent to the 47 virtual members, asking for comments on the practice, the staff, and availability of services, facilities at the health centre, information available and any other issues, members of the PPG felt would be helpful to address in a wider survey.


A response of 80% of those members who signed up to the PPG was received. The practice was delighted with the positive feedback about the practice.


It was agreed to address comments about the comfort of the waiting room and the information made available in the waiting room.


Feedback was also welcomed from patients about all the changes that have been implemented within the NHS during the past year and had this had any impact on the services we offer at the health centre.


These questions were then added to form part of the general patient survey, which was carried out in March.


Once again we received excellent results from the wider survey of 110 responses as in previous years, with comments as follows:


 “Loyal staff – keep up the good work”

“Efficient and friendly”

“Thank you for the opportunity to praise everyone at the Redfern Health Centre”


After collating the views of the patients, the overall feedback was positive that patients were still experiencing the excellent service they have had in the past, even with all the demands on General Practice.


Some feedback was received about renewing some of the toys in the children’s area.

A need for more raised chairs with arms was repeated several times.


All comments about the information made available in the waiting room were positive and met the needs of the patients.







The action plan set up and agreed by the PPG was as follows:


  • To increase the amount of raised chairs with arms in the waiting room.


  • To introduce some up to date toys for the children’s corner



Practice opening hours are 8:30am-1pm and 2:00-6:30pm Monday – Friday.

Extended hours: 7:30-8:30 am Tuesday and Thursday.