AUTUMN 2017 

Influenza is an acute viral infection of the respiratory tract. It is characterized by sudden onset of fever, chills, headache and for the most part it is an unpleasant, but not serious disease. However, in the “at risk” groups listed below, complications such as chronic bronchitis and pneumonia are more common. This can lead to hospitalization and in some cases, death. In the UK, influenza accounts for 20 hospital admissions per week (rising to 80 per week during the winter) and accounts for 250 deaths in non-epidemic years, rising in sporadic epidemic years.
At Risk Groups
All patients aged 65 years or older
All residential/nursing home residents
Asthma and chronic lung disease.
Chronic liver disease
Chronic kidney disease
Those without a spleen
All children aged 2-6
Chronic heart disease e.g. angina, heart failure
Main carer for an elderly or disabled person,
whose welfare may be at risk if the carer falls ill.
The good news is that a vaccine is available to protect the majority.
We encourage all in the ‘at risk’ groups, particularly those 65 years and older, to make an appointment for vaccination on an annual basis.

Individuals who cannot be given the vaccine, include those who have an allergy to eggs, breast-feeding, undergoing chemotherapy or have had a severe reaction to the vaccine in the past.
Our vaccination campaign begins at the Health Centre on Tuesday 27th September 2016, which includes Saturday 8th October 2016.
Please make an appointment.
A session will also be held at Malborough Village Hall on Thursday 6th October 2016 10-12 for registered patients and no appointment is necessary. Coffee and tea will be served by members of the FORC committee. 
The pneumococcal bacteria causes a severe chest 
infection to which those in the 'at risk' groups listed 
above are particularly prone. As with influenza, this 
may lead to hospitalization. We have a long-standing 
vaccination programme. A single dose of vaccine 
provides lifelong protection to the majority and can 
be given at the same time as the influenza vaccine or 
by appointment with the practice nurse. Vaccination 
is free of charge to those “at risk”. 
Pneumococcal vaccination cannot be given to 
those with a current infection, pregnant, breast-feeding or undergoing chemotherapy.
Those without a spleen require a booster injection 

We have an appointment reminder system that 
will generate a text message to your mobile 
phone reminding you of an appointment at 
the Health Centre. In order to reach as many 
people as possible for this service, we need 
to log your mobile telephone number. If you 
have not given us a mobile telephone contact 
number and you would like to have access to 
this service, please let us know.
We will also be useing this service for other 

Please note our generic e-mail address for 
general enquiries: 

Online Access

We would like to remind you that you can book appointments, order repeat prescriptions and access your GP records online. It is quick, easy and your information is secure.  Please ask at reception for a registration form.

Medical Students
We are involved in the undergraduate teaching of 
Medical Students from the Peninsula Medical School. 
You will be informed if a student is with your doctor 
or the nurses. Please tell the receptionist if you do 
not wish to be seen by a student and the receptionist 
will make the necessary arrangements.


Do you or someone you care for have 
memory problems or dementia? Then help 
is at hand at the Memory Café. The Café 
provides an informal drop-in setting for the 
sharing of support, information, advice and 
reminiscence-based activities for those with 
memory problems and their family or carers.
Meetings are held on the 1st and 3rd Thursday, 
every month 2-3:30pm at the Age Concern Centre, 
Ilbert Road, Kingsbridge.For more information contact:

Emma Fuente 01752 608900


We are offering Health and Wellbeing checks for 
all patients, who are carers. Please speak to one 
of the Practice Nurses for more information. We 
also have a Carers’ Support worker who attends 


We aim to be as flexible as possible, so we 
allocate a proportion of the appointments 
for booking on the day. The remainder 
of the appointments can be pre-booked. 
However, as there are periods of high 
demand, the pre-bookable appointments go 
quickly and we ask that you be patient with 
the receptionists, who will always offer the 
first available appointment.
Should you find you are unable to attend 
an appointment, please phone to cancel so 
we can offer the appointment to another 
Extended Opening Hours
We continue to offer our Early Bird Clinics to 
provide an additional option for local residents, 
whose work commitments create difficulties in 
attending the Health Centre during normal working 
Ten minute appointments with a doctor are made 
available from 07:30-07:50 am on Tuesdays and 
Thursday only. This is not a walk-in clinic and 
appointments must be made in advance.

Health Centre Car Park
Due to the number of clinics we now provide, 
there is a high demand on our car parking 
facilities. It would therefore be appreciated if
patients would not leave their cars here, whilst
visiting Salcombe for the dentist or for other reasons. 
Please be aware that the disabled parking bays 
are for patients, who hold a ‘blue badge’ for 
disabled parking. Thank you 

Prescription Requests
You can order your repeat prescriptions on- line. 
Please ask at reception for details about registering 
for this service. You can also post, fax or deliver 
your prescription request to the Health Centre. 
Please indicate at the bottom of the request, where 
you would like to collect it from: ie reception or the 
chemist of your choice. Please allow 48 hours for 
processing your prescription, especially if you wish 
the pharmacist to deliver to you.